Puissant Industries, Inc. is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company based in London, Kentucky.  Our current operations are concentrated in the U.S. Appalachian Basin (the “Region”) in Kentucky with a focus of acquiring and developing assets in Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee located in the Region and establishing exploitation, development and exploration opportunities in multiple productive horizons.  Our management team has extensive engineering and operational experience specific to the Appalachian Basin.  We intend to pursue development and exploration in this area, as well as identify acquisition opportunities that leverage our competitive strengths.


High Quality Asset Base with Significant Exploration and Development Potential.

  • Low-risk properties with significant well control and predictable production profiles.
  • Significant development and exploration potential, with multiple producing zones and unexplored deeper horizons.

Quality Weighted Reserves and Production

  • Reserves and production are focused in the Devonian Shale formation.
  • The Devonian Shale has a very shallow decline rate and very long term reserve base, which translates into steady cash flows as Puissant’s operations continue to grow.

Operating Control

  • Operated properties comprise 100% of our proved oil and natural gas reserves.
  • Low-cost operator that is able to maximize cash flows.

Geographically Focused Properties in the Appalachian Basin.

  • Extensive high-quality database primarily focused on our core area of operation.
  • Existing and growing expertise in our focused areas of operation.

Experience Management and Significant Expertise.

  • Experienced and technically adept management team, averaging more that 30 years of industry experience among top executives.
  • Strong technically in engineering and field operations with ability to handle all aspects of exploration, development and production activities.